1. ✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

    Week 1 day 2 of #twentypullupschallenge
    2,2,1,2,3 pullups

    Open gym:
    Bench Press 4x3 reps 90kg / 198lbs
    Push Press 3x5 70kg/154lbs
    Did a test on 80kg/176lbs but failed.
    Two days off, on sunday i will do a wod and continue with pullups.

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  2. ✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

    Week -1 day 1 #twentypullupschallenge
    2,2,1,2,1 rep pullup 120s rest
    Mobility between sets.

    Benchpress 1x5 reps 60 kg, 1x5 reps 80kg, 3x2 reps 90 kg
    Backsquat 3x5 80 kg
    Frontsquat 2x5 60 kg

    10 KB swing

    Not much to say, felt tired but still managed to pull of a half decent workout.

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  3. ✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

    First time doing #bearcomplex at #opengym
    Power Clean
    Front Squat
    Back Squat
    30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg

    Do that seven times for one round.
    Do 5 rounds total working up to your max.
    120s rest in between rounds were enough for me.

    Clean & Jerk 5 x 5 reps 50kg.
    Slam situps with weight plate 3 x 15 reps 10kg

    Awsome workout tonight.

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  4. ✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

    Day 2 week -2 of #twentypullupschallenge
    2,1,1,2, last is 1 negative pullup
    90s rest between sets that i spent in plank stance.

    Benchpress 5reps 40kg, 5reps 60kg, 2x5 reps 80kg. Then dropset maxreps removing 10kg from bar/set untill bar is empty.

    Kettlebell pullover 3x10 reps 12kg

    Good workout but no cardio, i really have to do some cardio tomorrow.

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  5. ✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

    First workout after a week of recovery after a bad lift last sunday doing deadlift.

    Started the #twentypullupschallenge
    Week -2
    Pullups: 2,1,1,2,1 negative. Rest 120s/set

    Good mornings with Green rubberband maxreps between pullup set.
    Abcrunch on a Box 3x25 reps
    Frontsquat 5x5 reps 60kg
    Deep pushups on weight plates 3x max.

    No record in performance but a good start until back is fully restored.

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  6. ✓ CrossFit for 1 hour

    Warmup: DU’s

    Found this WOD today had to try it: 10 min AMRAP 2 Wall Walk 8 Boxjumps 12 pushpress 30kg Managed 5 rounds Skill: C&J 5 x 5 reps 30 kg Overhead Squat 5 x 5 reps 30 kg

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  7. ✓ CrossFit for 45 minutes

    6 min AMRAP Ladder:
    Thrusters 40kg

    6 min AMRAP Ladder
    Situps 40 SU
    Managed up too 35 Situps

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  8. ✓ CrossFit for 30 minutes

    Open Gym
    6 x 5 reps Benchpress 80kg
    1 RM Clean & Jerk 60 kg
    Skin tear on right hand stopped me from higher weights on C&J

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  9. Another order recived from Rx Smart Gear. I hope 8” 10” rope works better. I really want to practice DU’s

  10. Open Gym Cindy

    20 min AMRAP

    • 5 pullups
    • 10 pushups
    • 15 squats

    Resultat: 11 rundor + 5 reps, förlorade en massa tid på att inte kunna göra 5 pullups i rad. Men nu är den gjord så jag har en måltid att mäta mot nästa gång jag kör den :)

    Efter det körde jag pistols och även boxjumps 3 x 10 reps och situps 3 x 15 reps. I morgon blir det ut och testa nya Suunto klockan med pulsband.